Effective safety
Measures In Place

Daily Practices That Keep Your
Child, You, And Staff Safe

Effective safety
Measures In Place

Daily Practices That Keep Your Child, You, And Staff Safe

A Zono© Sanitizing Cabinet Keeps Everything Virus-Free

Your child’s toys, learning materials, and other daily items are kept germ and virus-free through the use of the Zono© sanitizing cabinet. Be sure that everything your child touches is disinfected and sanitized, keeping your child healthy.

Contact-Free Check-In And Check-Out For Safe Practice

Drop your child off and pick them up without having to put yourself or others at risk. A greeter in place to receive your child and one designated drop-off person helps reduce everyone’s exposure to the virus.
Parent checking girl's temperature

Temperature And Health Screenings Ensure Wellness

Every day, your child and the staff get their temperatures checked for signs of fever. Health screenings also ensure all who enter are symptom-free, keeping your child’s spaces free of possible infection.

High-Tech Virtual Tours Keep Everyone Safe

Parents can arrange a virtual tour to see everything the center offers to limit inside to just children and staff. See all the benefits of enrolling your child and gain insight into how they play and learn without risky contact.

Modifications Put In Place To Promote Social Distancing

Adjustments like smaller class sizes, in-house field trips, rotated schedules, and keeping children separated help ensure the safest care possible for your child. Re-designing and altering day-to-day activities to keeps everyone safe.

Increased Hand-Washing Puts A Stop To Germs

After drop off, your child washes their hands first thing, before entering any class, doing the same throughout the day and before you pick them up, killing germs and the possibility of contagion.

Daily Sanitizing Keeps Germs Away

Daily sanitizing keeps your child’s classes and bathrooms germ-free, and giving close attention to high-traffic spots like doorknobs and light switches assures a deep clean that keeps your child healthy. Disinfecting fogging helps ensure everything stays virus-free.

Protective Mask Wearing Required For All Staff

Staff wears masks inside of the building at all times. Masks keep both staff and children safe from harmful germs that spread through lack of protection. This extra step of security protects everyone’s health.

Indoor/Outdoor Shoe Precautions Help Reduce Exposure

Outdoor shoes aren’t allowed within the center. viruses and other germs and bacteria can live on the ground and travel through shoes, so this extra measure reduces exposure to your child.


Staggered times help ensure everyone’s safety from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM.
Yes, the center has temperature checks and more every day.
Yes. Parents, staff, and children should wash hands frequently and throughout the day.
Yes, outdoor shoes aren’t allowed inside the center to reduce harmful bacteria and viruses.
Staggered times help ensure everyone’s safety from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM.

What Our Parents Have To Say

"The staff is really accommodating"

I feel very comfortable leaving our little girl there. She really enjoys it and is starting to really bond with her teachers. I've never doubted the level of care or compassion each of the teachers has displayed. They've helped me along as a first time mom on what sorts of things to bring in and when…. I honestly can't say enough nice things about them.

"It has been a fantastic experience"

My child has been going to Sprout since he was 3 months old. It has been a fantastic experience and I recommend them to everyone I know. As a first time mom, I was really nervous about leaving my baby with anyone. I thought, "Who could care for my baby better than me? I know him better than anyone!" Thankfully, any initial apprehensions were quickly dispensed with.

" I would definitely recommend them"

We needed childcare for a short time for our 1-month-old. The teachers at Sprout made us feel so welcome and were very sweet with our little girl. Leaving your child for the 1st time is scary, but they made sure we were comfortable and kept us updated throughout each day! I would definitely recommend them to friends or family to watch your children. After we left they called to check on how we were doing - great service!

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