Knowledge Begins
With Wonder

Our Teaching Approach
Inspires The Joy of Learning

Knowledge Begins
With Wonder

Our Teaching Approach
Inspires The Joy of Learning

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Columbus, OH

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Qualified Teachers Are The Heart Of Your Child’s Development

A degree in early education counts, but it can’t trump a true heart for children. Early learning is mired in relationships with peers yet most of all with responsive, loving adults who nurture and guide your child.

We’re Committed To
Being A Part Of Your
Parent Support Village

Enjoy a monthly night out and benefit from special guest speakers who share expertise on sleeping, nutrition, and redirection.

in-house classes With Guest Speakers:

Professional Massage Therapist to teach
infant massage

Pediatric nurse to talk
healthy sleep habits

Registered nutritionist for
optimal food choices

Authors to guide modern parenting
techniques like redirection

chefs to inspire your
family-friendly menu

In-house Chef For Your Convenience

Expect to see an emphasis on healthy snacks, breakfasts, and lunches with options like turkey tacos with quinoa, meatless Fridays, and fresh fruit and veggies in smoothies. Our goal is lifelong healthy eating habits for your child.

Montessori Activities
Are Engaging, Active,
And Meaningful

Tracing letters in sand trays brings letters to life as children make deeper connections through artful play. Children sort items based on unique characteristics like color, shape, and sound, teaching a sensory foundation for math, reading, and more.

Enjoy The Ultra Convenience of Our Parent Communication App

Our easy-to-use app allows for messaging, real-time picture updates, and digital daily reports. Stay up-to-date on in-class learning, build on concepts at home, and expect pictures of their latest masterpiece and achievements.

Their Unique Interests
Lead Your Child's Lessons

Your child will explore and build on their passions, which is why our classroom and curriculum are carefully designed to invite self-led action. Empower your child to pursue and build on their interests to develop new skills and abilities.

Art Classes To Cultivate
Talent Twice A Week

Who did that Sunflowers painting, and why is that face made up of cubes? Children learn about art styles, techniques, and artists from around the world. Give your child all the instruction, inspiration, and materials they need to create their masterpiece.

Boost Learning With Music, Spanish, and Baby Signing

A second language increases lexicon and overall comprehension, music supports focus and memory, and baby signing decreases frustration thanks to more effective communication and the joy of being understood even when words escape them.
cute smiling baby girl at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Columbus, OH

A Safe Space Where Children Can Feel Calm And Centered

Our designated calming corner is a safe place where children can take a mini-retreat when emotions overwhelm them. Children learn to notice and name their feelings and how to take a step back when they need to.

Time Outside For Exercise
and Imaginative Play

Fresh air every day is an essential part of your child’s learning. This movement time helps with skills like concentration, lets them blow off steam, and interact with their friends in epic, fun, and healthy play.
cute toddler playing outside at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Columbus, OH

Parents Can Trust Us
To Keep Children Safe

Limited, coded entry only consistently regulates access while rigorous background checks for all staff ensure your child is in good hands.

Fun Field Trips That Introduce
Your Child To The World

The wonder and thrill of reptiles, fire trucks, library storytime, splashing at the water pad, and a visit to the Center of Science and Industry; field trips enhance your child’s early learning experience and exposes them to new concepts.

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

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